4 Styles of The Most Popular Wedding Rings- Wedding Rings in Colorado Springs

Mar 20, 17 4 Styles of The Most Popular Wedding Rings- Wedding Rings in Colorado Springs

Choosing the perfect ring for your soon-to-be fiance is a difficult decision. When browsing, consider what fits her personality and lifestyle the best. Her daily activities and personal style are among the main considerations, other than your budget, to help guide you to the ideal ring. Below is a short list of the most popular types of wedding rings and what personality matches them the best. After reading, visit the local shop for wedding rings in Colorado Springs to pick out the perfect ring.

Classic wedding rings

This type of wedding ring is elegant and showcases the diamond without any distraction. These are the most popular type of wedding rings and are also the most traditional. They usually feature a plain metal band, but some may add a few diamonds to the underside (not visible from the top) of the ring to add more glamor.

Halo wedding rings

Halo wedding rings are for more of an outgoing and stylish person. These rings have the main diamond in the center with smaller diamonds circling the main one to make it appear larger. The halo rings also have a diamonds on the sides and, sometimes, all the way around the band of the ring.

Nature-like wedding rings

If your significant other is happy outdoors or loves nature, rings with organic elements in the design such as flowers, vines, and leaves may suit her well. For a more active spouse, consider a ring that will hold the diamond closer to the hand, such as a bezel setting. This type of ring has a thin metal band that holds the diamond all the way around the top and is great for keeping the diamond secure.

Vintage wedding rings

Is your partner a big fan of vintage and romance? Consider getting a ring with scroll-work or filigree patterns, intricate galleries or milgrain details. If your partner loves unique items from the past, consider an antique engagement ring. Visit Trigemjewelers.com for your engagement and wedding ring needs.

If you feel overwhelmed or unsure about your decision, you can pick a diamond and put it in a temporary band. If you prefer to surprise her and are just looking for more options, contact the local shop for Wedding Rings in Colorado Springs today.

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