Smooth Operator: Modernizing Aging Elevators With Elevator Technologies Inc in Arlington VA

Mar 19, 18 Smooth Operator: Modernizing Aging Elevators With Elevator Technologies Inc in Arlington VA

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Historic buildings bring charm and nostalgia to metropolitan areas. The charm and wonder quickly fades however when visitors, employees or residents find themselves hesitating to step onto an aging elevator. Building owners and property managers can eliminate those nervous feelings with appropriate elevator updates. Out With The Old Most elevators that were installed more than 30 years ago and as few as 20 years ago are becoming obsolete in their technologies for safety, efficiency, and reliability. Many property owners assume the cost for a full modernization of all elevators would be prohibitive. An elevator service with expertise and experience like Elevator Technologies Inc in Arlington VA can advise owners and managers on matters of budgeting and timing to make a full upgrade possible. Rarely does a full modernization take place all at once. Usually, an elevator service can address the most pressing upgrades involving improved safety technology and new building code requirements. Up To Code A building that operates elevators installed before 1972 with Single-Bottom-Cylinders has a high probability of violating city and state building codes as well as ASME standards. It’s a commonplace for local code requirements to include the installation of Double Bottom Cylinders as a replacement for the obsolete Single Bottom Cylinders. This upgrade not only meets safety codes, but also improves elevator response time, ride smoothness, and energy efficiency. Smooth Operator After bringing elevator operations up to code, the next upgrades would be the most noticeable ones. Outdated mechanical starters can make for a jarring start and a bumpy ride and are easily replaced with soft starters that provide a smoother ride. Some older elevators still operate with bumper edges in the doors which require them to come into contact with an obstruction to re-open. Newer technology includes light curtains or at least infrared safety edges that detect an obstruction by way of a broken light beam. Any number of other upgrades can come next that will reduce downtime and improve ride quality and energy efficiency including lighting, traction equipment...

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What Are the Particulars of Different Kinds of Rifle Ammunition in Bellingham, WA?

Mar 19, 18 What Are the Particulars of Different Kinds of Rifle Ammunition in Bellingham, WA?

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If you are looking for rifle ammunition, you’ll most likely be faced with a lot of different terms you might not be familiar with. You’ll see things like “full metal jacket,” “grain load,” and the calibers themselves. Sometimes, the differences are minor or inconsequential. Other times, they are fairly significant. For example, the AR-15 is chambered to shoot .223 REM ammunition. That is a type of bullet that is .223 of an inch and is produced to match the specifications set out by Remington. However, it can also fire 5.56 NATO. What’s the difference? What’s the Difference? .223 REM and 5.56 NATO are both bullets that can be fired from a standard chambered AR-15 platform rifle. The standard difference between these two types of rifle ammunition in Bellingham, WA is the grain load. The grain load is the amount of gunpowder put into each casing, which ultimately determines how much power the bullet has. A 5.56 rifle, such as those used by the US military, have larger chambers. That means they can handle a more powerful bullet. A .223 chambered rifle you might buy from a US gun shop will most likely have a smaller chamber. That makes them more accurate, but they will not handle the higher pressure 5.56 as well. You should visit RBS Ammunition and ask about the right ammunition for you. What Are the Numbers? The numbers you have seen on rifle ammunition follow two paths. Ammunition made in the United States for United States rifles often have calibers that are parts of an inch. For example, a .45 caliber is .45 of an inch. Alternately, international ammunition is often in millimeters. For example, a 9mm pistol round is .38 of an inch. Some types of ammunition are interchangeable. You will need to ask professionals about which ones are right for your firearm. Be the first to...

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Keep Your Home Safe with Mold Detection Service in Ashburn, VA

Mar 19, 18 Keep Your Home Safe with Mold Detection Service in Ashburn, VA

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The goal of any homeowner is to keep their home properly maintained to ensure a maximum return on their investment. In addition, they take careful steps to provide a safe, healthy, and comfortable environment for their family. Unfortunately, mold can pose serious risks to the value of a home as well as its comfort and the safety of one’s family. Mold Detection Service in Ashburn VA provides help in preventing these issues from occurring. What is mold? Mold is a type of fungus that grows from tiny spores. These spores are almost always in the air. Mold grows in damp areas rather quickly. Once the mold takes hold and begins to grow, it can release many more spores into the air. These spores are then carried to other areas to grow more mold. When porous materials become damp, it only takes 24-48 hours for mold to begin to grow. Mold can have several colors and look like small spots or stringy material, depending on the type of mold. Why is mold dangerous? When mold begins to grow on materials, it can break down many of the fibers of that material and cause damage. As the mold spread, it can create serious problems in the materials of a home and creates the need for costly repairs. The spores of the mold that get into the air can have serious effects on the health of pets and family members. Those with allergies or other health issues may be a serious risk when mold is in the home. How to get rid of mold? The best method for ridding a home of mold is to take steps to prevent it from growing. If there is flooding or a water leak in the home, it is important to dry the area quickly and clean it thoroughly with bleach. A Mold Detection Service in Ashburn VA is able to find mold in the home before the signs are noticeable. It can even find mold in areas that are unseen....

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Fight for Compensation with the Best Automobile Accidents Attorney in Bethlehem, PA

Mar 16, 18 Fight for Compensation with the Best Automobile Accidents Attorney in Bethlehem, PA

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It might have happened when you stopped at a red light and someone rear-ended your car. It might have happened when you went at a green light and another person blew through a red, smashing through the side of your car. It might have happened when you were driving along, minding your own business, and a traffic accident in front of you blocked your path, putting you in the middle of a multiple car pile-ups. However it happened and whatever your story may be, it’s a story worth telling – and you deserve to have the courts listen to you! Your right to proper legal representation is one of the hallmarks of our democracy, and that extends to the field of auto accidents as well. To that end, here’s what you can expect from the best automobile accidents attorney in Bethlehem, PA. Making Your Case When you contact a quality automobile accidents attorney, you are going to have the opportunity to tell the whole truth of what happened to a legal expert who specializes in this field. The attorney will then take that information and work to build a case which can be presented to a court. This case will be constructed from forensic evidence, witness testimony, other records of the incident, and much more. These attorneys will also be tasked with handling any and all negotiations which might arise between yourself and the other parties involved in the accident. A great automobile accidents attorney knows how to be tenacious as well as diplomatic when the need arises and will represent your interests at all junctures. Fighting for Compensation Where there are auto accidents, there is liability, and where there is liability, there is often cause for recompense. A great automobile accidents attorney will fight for your right to proper financial compensation in the wake of an accident. Visit and see what a great auto accident attorney in the Bethlehem area can do for you! Be the first to...

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How Important Is Quality In Turning Operations?

Mar 16, 18 How Important Is Quality In Turning Operations?

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In machining, there are many different operations that are used to remove surface material from a workpiece to create the desired shape. Some of the terms that are used to describe this process can include lathing, turning or CNC machining, with the latter being a general umbrella type of term. The importance of choosing a company that can offer quality turning operations should never be minimized. With the use of CNC or computer numerical control, the modern version of turning is very different than what many people envision and can provide finished products to extremely high tolerances and specifications. Equipment Is Critical The advanced equipment used today in CNC turning operations is an essential part of being able to produce precision parts and components. Machining services that continually upgrade their equipment and use the latest in technology in their CNC systems will be able to provide the best quality of finished parts. It is also important to consider that well-maintained and state-of-the-art equipment, particularly when it comes to machining, is able to complete operations at a very rapid pace. This, in turn, translates in greater production levels, which lower the end cost to the OEM. Is Turning The Best Operation? Another benefit to working with a company that offers turning operations in addition to other CNC machining services is the ability to compare the best operation for the specific part or component. In most applications, turning is used for the shaping of rotating parts, but it can also be used when irregular shapes are required. This is also a process that is used for finishing of parts to remove surface irregularities. Unlike other processes, often the irregular shapes can be completed with one pass through the equipment, which saves having to move the workpiece between machines or use different equipment to create the end product. Be the first to...

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