Product Liability: When a Manufacturing or Design Defect Results in an Injury

Jun 29, 17 Product Liability: When a Manufacturing or Design Defect Results in an Injury

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The Mt. Vernon products liability attorneys at the Tom Riley Law Firm get a number of questions about product liability.  If a product’s failure leads to an injury, then you may be able to recover from the manufacturer or distributor under a product liability claim. Broadly, product liability refers to a manufacturer or distributor being held liable for selling a defective product to a consumer.  Those that can be held responsible in a product liability suit include the manufacturer, the seller, and all of the intermediaries that made it possible for the consumer to purchase the product.  However, the consumer has to be able to establish that they were aware or should have been aware that the product was defective. There are three main product liability legal theories: design defect, manufacturing defect, and failure to warn.  Under the theory of design defect, the allegation is that the design of the product was inherently dangerous, making injuries foreseeable.  The Ford Pinto offers a famous example of design defect; the car’s design meant that it had an unacceptable risk of catching on fire if in a collision. Under the theory of manufacturing defect, the allegation is that the product was designed correctly, but that they were manufactured in a way that made the product dangerous.  Another automobile company, GM, faced manufacturing defect product liability because of incorrectly manufactured ignition switches that could shut off the engine during driving.  Under the theory of failure to warn, the product is designed and manufactured correctly, but there are potential dangers in the product’s use.  The cautionary statements one sees, urging people not to use hair dryers in bathtubs, are an example of manufacturers warning consumers against an inherent danger of the product. If you have been injured because of a defective or inherently dangerous product, you may wonder if you have a valid personal injury claim against the manufacturer or the seller.  You can schedule a consultation with the Tom Riley Law Firm to discuss your injuries and determine...

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How Indianapolis SEO Can Help You

Jun 12, 17 How Indianapolis SEO Can Help You

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Companies everywhere try to be the best and most professional because they realize that these methods give them more business. If you have wondered how to take things to the next level, you may need to turn your attention to your website. If you don’t have one, it is essential that you create one. If you do have a site, you must consider Indianapolis SEO to ensure that you are reaching your potential. Lower Cost While the price you pay should have you focusing on the value you receive, search engine optimization could be cheaper than other options, such as PPC and Adwords. Organic listings on search engines are ultimately free, so if you’re higher on the list, you won’t have to use pay-per-click options to advertise. You may still want to use advertisements along with Indianapolis SEO techniques to get the full effect. Traffic Increase Not only do you want more visitors to your site, but you also want targeted visitors who want to read your blog, search for products, and buy things from you. Your ultimate goal has to begin somewhere, which is why most companies try to increase traffic to their site. As they incorporate keywords and more people visit, they have more opportunities to generate leads and sales. Credibility And Trust Consumers rarely buy anything without researching it first. They may even research foods to determine which ones are healthiest. Therefore, it is in your best interest to be best friends with Google. Most people choose Google for their search engine because they are the most trusted and provide the best results. If you can rank high enough on this search engine, you’re more likely to be seen as a credible source for whatever you sell. Indianapolis SEO can help you with keywords and get you ranked higher on search engines. SEO Solutions is a full-service digital marketing agency that specializes in Search Engine Marketing including SEO and PPC. Be the first to...

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Used Cars: Know the Right Time to Purchase a New Auto

Jun 09, 17 Used Cars: Know the Right Time to Purchase a New Auto

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When a person is thinking about purchasing a new car, it can be difficult to know when you should buy a new automobile. Of course, the right time will always be when you need a new car, especially if your current auto is giving you problems. However, there are specific times during the year when you can benefit from purchasing a new car. You can save money by waiting until a used car dealership in Vineland, NJ offers deals on automobiles they have available for sale on their lot. When it comes down to purchasing a new auto, it all depends on how quickly you need to buy a used car. Fall and Winter are Ideal Shopping Times As the year is coming to an end, dealerships will begin to lower the prices on the automobiles they have on their lot. A used car dealership in Vineland, NJ will start reducing the cost on their autos to help decrease the number of vehicles they have in their inventory at the beginning of the year.  While the prices will begin to drop during fall, by winter you can obtain a more reasonably priced auto to purchase. This allows for the dealer to make room for new inventory that will start coming in after the new year has begun. They will even offer sales after the first of the year when people are receiving their tax refund and will be using the money to purchase a new car. Quality Autos at an Affordable Price If you are looking for a new car, but cannot afford the huge price tag that comes with one. You should consider purchasing a certified used auto from a trusted dealership. At Lilliston, they offer their customers a selection of automobiles they can select from without the astronomical price. Their used autos are back by the manufacturers that guarantee they still work like new even though the vehicle has previously been owned. Be the first to...

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How Marriage Counselling Can Boost Your Trust In Each Other

May 18, 17 How Marriage Counselling Can Boost Your Trust In Each Other

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Too many marriages end in divorce, and many could have been saved by choosing the best family marriage counseling at an early stage so that everyone could learn new life skills that would help recognize difficulties and find ways to communicate effectively. A Marriage Breakdown Affects a Wide Family of Individuals The married couple is not the only ones that may suffer when a marriage breaks down. Children, parents, in-laws and friends of the family will all be involved in one way or another. Unfortunately, many couples expect individuals to take sides against the other party and this can cause extensive difficulties with all the affected individuals. Choosing the best family marriage counseling is important and does not only include the couple who may be contemplating divorce. All the other individuals listed may be suffering from anger, wishing to blame someone or hoping to be part of a reconciliation process. Communication between any of these people may become difficult and extremely negative, and some may feel abandoned by the family or choose to deny the problems even exist. The negativity that may exist when communication breaks down is difficult to repair without understanding the skills necessary that can be taught by a therapist. All these individuals can seek counseling from a skilled therapist who will help guide everyone to consider their own feelings as well as those of the couple who are having problems. When all of those involved have skills that can be applied during the period of difficulty, there will be more support and trust as individuals look to find the best in everyone, rather than constantly looking for faults. Once the early days of heightened emotions have worn off, some couples begin to behave almost as a siblings’ relationship, rather than a married couple. Therapists can help all the associated parties as well as the main couple in communicating their feelings which is why choosing the best family marriage counseling experts is important if the best results are to be attained....

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Improving Your Sales Team: Benefits of Sales Method Assessments

Apr 27, 17 Improving Your Sales Team: Benefits of Sales Method Assessments

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Your sales team is the driving force of your company. The skill that they have directly impacts your bottom line, and a successful sales team makes your business money. There are many different ways to approach running a sales team, and your business type, target market, and location will impact what works best. No matter what your sales team sells, you will want to find a way to evaluate their methods and performance. Assessments can help you select sales staff and management, reduce training costs, and maximize your sales performance. Staff Selection and Sales Assessments You want to make sure your staff is full of successful sales people. These types are usually easy to point out. However, it can be worthwhile to do an assessment to further your understanding of potential team members. It is helpful to find out what their sales styles are, and make sure they fit well with your sales philosophies. It can also help you build a multi-dimensional team; where the strengths of some members are well balanced between other members. Reduction in Training Costs An assessment can help you bring in the best sales staff into your sales team. Strong salesmen are going to need less training. While sales techniques can, and should be taught, it is important that you are starting with a natural seller. With an assessment you can make sure your starting with a strong base, and it can also help you tailor your training to your sales representatives. In Chicago, sales training can be designed around the sales strengths and style of the individual sales representative. This method reduces costs, and helps get your sales personnel out selling sooner. Maximize Sales Performance Your bottom line is impacted by your sales performance. An assessment can help your staff learn what helps them sell, and provides insight on to how best to support them. This will make sure they are getting the most out of their skills, and selling at their peak performance. Be the first to...

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