Benefits of Custom Wood and Steel Flatbed Truck Beds

May 18, 17 Benefits of Custom Wood and Steel Flatbed Truck Beds

Trucks are important parts of many Fresno CA businesses today. In fact, when you think about buying another truck there are options you might not consider. For example, you can replace old wood or steel flatbed truck beds with new custom-made truck bodies. This strategy comes with many benefits for your company.

Get More from Your Truck

Specially designed and installed truck bodies can serve many purposes. For example, custom steel flatbed truck beds in Fresno CAcan have removable side rails. This lets you haul all kinds of loads with greater efficiency. What kind of tool box do you need? You can enjoy the benefits of an underbody box to give you more cargo space. Choose from many sizes for your truck’s tool box.

Make it Easier on Your Crew

Many people think lift gates are only for box trucks in Fresno CA, but you can have a custom installed lift gate with wood or steel flatbed truck beds too. In fact, if your company hauls propane or oxygen, you’ll have the perfect gas bottle lift gate. A lift truck can easily drive up to your truck even if it’s not backed into a standard loading dock. This makes it safe and easy to lift and handle large and heavy items. You’ll have fewer on the job injuries and associated problems.

Truck Cranes

If your business hauls heavy equipment or materials, you could use a custom truck crane. They are perfect for large motors, HVAC units, and industrial machinery.

Flooring Options

If you want a smooth floor, choose wood flooring in Fresno CA. However, you can also have steel flatbed truck beds and durable diamond plate, which offers exceptional traction even when wet. Also, you can choose flatbed dump bodies which serve more than one purpose. Your custom truck body service can show you all the available options.

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