Blamed for the Accident? Contact a Pedestrian Accident Injury Lawyer in Ogden UT

Oct 12, 17 Blamed for the Accident? Contact a Pedestrian Accident Injury Lawyer in Ogden UT

Pedestrians have certain rules they must follow for their protection. These include not crossing when the crosswalk doesn’t have the walk symbol and not crossing where there is not a crosswalk. If a pedestrian is seriously injured in an accident, it’s common for the insurance company for the driver to claim that the pedestrian caused the accident. When this happens, the pedestrian may want to contact a pedestrian accident injury lawyer in Ogden, UT for help.

It Is Typically Possible to Prove Who Was at Fault

In many cases, it’s likely there was a witness to the accident or a camera that caught everything. The lawyer will look into this to help prove the pedestrian was not at fault for the accident. If these are not available, there may be other ways to determine who was at fault for the accident, such as looking at the accident scene or checking with the phone company to see if the driver was texting and driving.

If the Pedestrian Is Partially at Fault

In some cases, both parties will actually be at fault. It might be that the pedestrian did something they shouldn’t have at the same time a driver was texting and driving and, therefore, couldn’t see them in time to stop. When this is the case, the amount of compensation the pedestrian can receive could be reduced by the amount they’re at fault.

Negotiating for Compensation

When the lawyer has the evidence to show their client was not at fault, they will start negotiating with the motorist’s insurance company. Often, this is going to be all that is needed to help the pedestrian obtain the required compensation for their injuries so they can financially recover from the accident. If necessary, however, the case can be taken to court to help them obtain a full settlement.

Contacting a pedestrian accident injury lawyer in Ogden, UT will be the first step the pedestrian needs to do if they’ve been injured in an accident to ensure they can prove they were not at fault and receive the compensation they need. If you were seriously injured in an accident and the at-fault motorist’s insurance company is refusing to provide compensation, contact Gridley Ward & Hamilton now.

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