Hazardous Location Lighting and Class 1 Ratings

May 18, 17 Hazardous Location Lighting and Class 1 Ratings

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When you shop for hazardous location lighting, you’ll notice ratings like Class 1, Division 1, but what does this mean? When it comes to hazardous locations, classes are important. Here is information on these ratings to give you a better idea of what to buy. Class 1 This class refers to areas which could have enough vapor or gasses in the air to cause a fire or explosion. Class one has two divisions (Division 1 and 2) and three different zones (0, 1, and 2). Division 1 Ignitable conditions exist during normal working conditions. These conditions can result from routine maintenance or repairs. Equipment malfunctions or breakdowns can cause hazardous conditions too. Division 2 A Division 2 (Class 1) must meet one of these three conditions: Ventilation system keeps volatile vapors or liquids in check. However, if the system fails, hazardous conditions will develop. Hazardous materials are in approved containers. However, should these containers break or fail, it’s important to have hazardous location lighting. Near a Division 1 (Class 1) location and hazardous fumes could enter the area, causing fires or explosions, unless approved safeguards are in place. Zone 0 A zone 0 has flammable gasses all the time, or for extended time periods. Zone 1 Dangerous levels of ignitable gasses are possible during normal working conditions. Also, these conditions may apply: High possibility of a flammable atmosphere during maintenance or repairs Equipment problems are likely to cause flammable or explosive situations. Area is near a Zone 0 (Class 1) Zone 2 This zone may experience flammable conditions for short periods of time, and the following conditions: Workers use volatile materials, but they are normally safe from harm. Breakdowns during normal operation may cause problems, and hazardous location lighting is important. Proper ventilation may fail. The area is close to a Zone 1 location. Be the first to...

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Using Hospitality Lighting To Revolutionize A Space’s Potential

Oct 13, 16 Using Hospitality Lighting To Revolutionize A Space’s Potential

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In any space where the needs and comfort of customers and clients is a major concern, one of the biggest and most important considerations is what type of lighting will be used. Light has a huge effect on the mood and atmosphere of a room and therefore, on the emotions and feelings of the people who walk into the room. Hospitality lighting is used in a wide variety of settings and in each case, there are different factors that need to be taken into consideration. Knowing what specific type of lighting and light fixtures would be most appropriate for your business’s needs is highly important, but taking the time to find a company who knows how to help you find exactly the hospitality lighting that is right for you. What Is Hospitality Lighting? Hospitality lighting is the type of lighting that is used in venues where the comfort and enjoyment of guests is the main focus. Some of these venues include casinos, restaurants, hotel rooms and lobbies, beauty parlors, spas, resorts and bed and breakfasts. When business owners look for hospitality lighting, they are usually trying to locate lighting options that will make their guests and customers feel at ease and comfortable. If you want your clients to come in and relax, you would choose lighting that is warm and welcoming. Hospitality lighting comes in a variety of shapes, often consisting of ceiling lights that provide the main illumination of a space, as well as smaller accent lights that call attention to such areas as coffee stations, information tables, special exhibits or pieces of artwork, or guest books. In restaurants, you can often find accent lights on the wall in the booth tables. Which Hospitality Lighting Should I Get? Deciding which hospitality lighting should be installed in your business can be an arduous process. Of course, you need to decide what mood you want to evoke. Do you want your space to feel warm and cozy, or sleek, professional and inviting? There are several...

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You Can Be Free of Back Pain Without Drugs

Back pain is one of the most common types of pain people experience. Unfortunately, your back is involved in almost every single movement your body makes. When your back is hurting, it can be difficult being able to stay active and do the things you love. Often, back pain can leave you immobilized. If you are dealing with chronic back pain, the Chiropractors Ft Campbell TN can help. They can help to find the cause of your pain and treat it naturally so you do not have to rely on risky pain medications. One of the leading causes of chronic back pain is subluxation. A subluxation occurs when one or more of the vertebrae in the spine come out of their proper alignment. When this happens, the bones place undue pressure on surrounding soft tissues, including the nerves. When the nerves are compressed, they not only cause pain in your back, but they can also have their communication interrupted. To treat subluxations in the spine, the Chiropractors Ft Campbell TN will use very specific means of treatment. Chiropractic adjustments involve specific, controlled force movements that work to move the vertebrae back into their natural position. Visit website for more details. This allows the soft tissues in the back to heal so the nerves are no longer under pressure. For many people, this is able to provide substantial relief for chronic back pain. To ensure you are able to see continued improvement, you will most likely need more than one treatment. Until your condition has fully healed, you will need to have treatments a few times a week. Then, you will only need maintenance treatments to ensure your spinal health is protected. Many people report feeling immediate pain relief once they have had a chiropractic adjustment. Some people feel a little sore after the treatment. This is normal and will improve. Your doctor will work to help you find true relief so you do not have to take pain medications and can get back to...

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Reasons for Using a Commercial Lighting Service in Indianapolis, IN

The importance of commercial lighting cannot be overstated. A customer’s opinions of your business depend heavily on the variety of lighting both inside and outside your business. Outside, the most obvious lit aspect is usually the sign, and the style used will set visitors’ expectations before they ever enter your store. This, however, isn’t the only form of lighting that has this effect. Even though many people don’t pay conscious attention to parking lot and other lighting, it’s just as important as your sign. If it’s too dim, night customers will get the feeling that the area is unsafe or ill-maintained. They may even assume that you’re closed. Since outdoor lighting often involves signs and fixtures that are too tall to easily be reached, it’s a good idea to hire a commercial Lighting Service in Indianapolis IN to take care of them. These services will install lights of the proper brightness and come back on a schedule to replace bulbs before they have a chance to fail. The right schedule will allow you to get most of the use out of the bulbs while eliminating the risk of having any dead ones within view. Inside, the lighting of a store often makes the difference between whether someone will decide to buy or not. Good lighting helps make it so that it feels right to buy, while bad lights will be off-putting and kill the mood. In general, bright lights are better, but this isn’t the only factor to pay attention to. The color, or “warmth,” of the lights is also important. The right warmth of lighting will make your products look good and be bright enough for customers to easily see their details, but will avoid the harsh glare that many shoppers complain about. A lighting service in Indianapolis, IN that focuses on retail environments will be able to provide the perfect fixtures and bulbs for increasing sales. It will also offer maintenance services so that you don’t have to divert busy employees from...

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