3 Reasons To Choose Digital Floor Scales

May 19, 17 3 Reasons To Choose Digital Floor Scales

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Floor scales, which may also be called pallet or platform scales, are found in many different types of applications. They are designed to sit on the floor with a low-profile ledge or platform, of they can be designed to sit into the floor and remain flush with the surface. The advantage of using the floor scales above the ground in a Dallas, TX company is that they can easily be moved if needed. In fact, some of these scale models are designed specifically for portability, making them a practical choice in smaller production company or manufacturing facility. Another options to consider, and one that is also of a practical nature, is moving to digital floors scales. There are several reasons why digital scales offer an advantage that is well worth considering. Precision Weighing With digital floors scales, it is possible to choose the precision level of the readout, providing the specificity needed when accuracy is important. Having the precise measurement is not just about being accurate, it is also about saving money. Too large of a gradient when weighing can mean ounces over or under with every load, which will add up, for your business. Ounces over means increased cost in product and ounces under can mean problems with label weights and accuracy. Data Transmission Not only will digital floors scales provide instant readouts at the scale, but data can also be transmitted through the system. As many facilities are operating with computer controls and data logging, this provides a simple option to integrate the floor scale data with the rest of the system. With the new LED displays and backlit options in the digital controllers, these floor scales are very easy to read even in dimly lit areas or where there is a bright light. Different models may even provide larger or smaller screens, perfect for any location or visibility requirement. 1 person likes this...

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