Choosing the Best Scented Candles for Your Home

Apr 20, 17 Choosing the Best Scented Candles for Your Home

Nearly every store you enter, even the grocer, has scented candles. These are so readily available that we often pick them up without really considering whether or not they’re worth our money.

Some of the best scented candles are designed to make your home smell better, and to create a relaxing atmosphere. But, some candles are clearly better at infusing your home with fragrance than others.

The best candles for your money are heavily scented with essential oils. In fact, the candles that will best fill your home with fragrance are those that have an extremely strong scent when you smell them before burning. If the fragrance is subtle, there will be little to no fragrance when you burn the candle.

The type of wax used is also important. Soy and beeswax candles are more natural and will burn longer than candles made from regular paraffin. You’ll pay a bit more for the best candles, but in the long run; these are more cost effective. The most natural candles are beeswax, and these generally have no added fragrance.

Once you’ve compared a few candles, and chosen some that you really like, you’ll probably find that you have one or two favorite brands. Determine which retailers carry these brands and watch for them to go on sale. The best candles can be pricey but will go one sale a few times a year.

Your favorite candles in your favorite fragrances can fill your home with scents that help you relax and feel comforted. These little luxuries are some of the easiest ways to make you feel at ease. These also make an amazing gift, particularly when you can share your love of a particular brand or fragrance with your closest friends.

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