Extractions in Ann Arbor MI are Necessary in Some Cases

Oct 12, 17 Extractions in Ann Arbor MI are Necessary in Some Cases

The average adult mouth has 32 teeth. If they take good care of them, brushing and flossing daily as well as seeing the dentist for a professional cleaning twice a year, most people will keep all of their teeth the majority of their lives. Although it was common for older people to have dentures in the past, new dental technology makes it possible for more people to keep their keep. There are some cases where teeth need to be extracted.

Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth, or the third set of molars are commonly extracted during the late teens or early 20s. Everyone won’t need these extractions in Ann Arbor MI but those whose wisdom teeth are impacted or whose mouths are not large enough to hold them without causing alignment issues typically have them pulled. Impacted wisdom teeth cannot get through the gums and often cause pain.


Dentists often fill cavities during or shortly after regular checkups. However, people who don’t see a dentist regularly might have more severe decay that makes it challenging for a dentist to save the teeth. In these cases, the dentist may offer root canal therapy, which is an expensive procedure that could prolong the life of a decayed tooth. Extractions in Ann Arbor MI are another option for people with this problem. Extracting decayed teeth is much more affordable and a lot less painful than a root canal.

Gum Disease

Patients who go to dental practices like Washtenaw General Dentistry Associates to be treated for gum disease may be able to save their teeth by healing their gums. However, many people with untreated periodontal disease start to lose their teeth and eventually go to the dentist to have the remaining ones extracted.

Everyone must take active steps if they want their teeth to last their entire lifetime. Fortunately, the steps are much easier than they were in the past. Toothpaste today has active ingredients that protect teeth and dentists often have advanced technology that may help them detect issues before they put the natural teeth in danger. Although extractions may be necessary in some cases, there’s no reason for anyone today to expect to lose all of their teeth.

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