Factors to Consider When Introducing a New Partner to the Co-Parenting Agreement

Sep 13, 17 Factors to Consider When Introducing a New Partner to the Co-Parenting Agreement

After some time of singlehood, you meet a new love interest. This person knows how to support you, cherish you, and motivate you to become the best version of yourself. Since your new relationship is blossoming well, you want to introduce your new partner into your child’s life, too. You think your new partner could be a good fit for your child, as well. However, are you 100% certain that introducing your new partner to your child is the right decision?


Firstly, acknowledge whether or not the timing of adding a new person to the co-parenting agreement is right. Assess your family situation carefully and determine your child’s readiness to meet a new “special someone.”

Introducing a new partner too early is a bad call. If he has yet to overcome the fact that his parents are separated, your child may rebel. As a Northbrook parenting time attorney would suggest, you should give your child time to process matters first; allow enough time for him to feel angry, sad, and confused. Over time, he can settle in easily to a new arrangement, and accept your new mate.

The Child’s Feedback

Additionally, consider your child’s feedback regarding your new partner. Ask honest opinions from him. If he is strongly resentful of the other person, it is a warning sign; do not introduce your new partner yet.

Instead, wait for him to come around. Giving him reasons that can change his mind regarding his opinion of your new partner can help, too.

Continual Sense of Security

Lastly, a Northbrook parenting time attorney would advise against belittling your child’s need for a continual sense of security. Thus, if introducing your new partner will threaten your child in this regard, you should consider delaying the meeting. While there is no intention of making him feel insecure, your child can misunderstand the situation.

Most importantly, sensitivity is imperative when you plan on introducing a new partner to your child. As a Northbrook parenting time attorney would advise, you should always regard your child’s emotional situation.

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