Finding Comfort in the Special Details of Funerals in Palm Springs CA

Jan 08, 18 Finding Comfort in the Special Details of Funerals in Palm Springs CA

Nearly half of the people who pass away each year are cremated, and most of the others are buried in a casket. A much smaller number are interned in a mausoleum. No matter which of these choices a family makes about Funerals in Palm Springs CA, they may want to take other actions that have a low impact on the environment. They want to do something the departed loved one would have approved. They may want to avoid ceremonial actions they view as wasting money that could be better used for other purposes.

Monetary Donations to Charity

For instance, one trend for Funerals in Palm Springs CA is to have very few floral bouquets displayed. Families often ask that the expression of condolences be done through donations to a charity instead of sending flowers. The charity may be one the deceased person supported or that reflects an interest he or she had. Even if the person had never donated money to an animal shelter, for instance, he or she may have loved dogs or cats.

Recycled Paper and Carpooling

Asking that recycled paper is used for the program sheets is an environmentally friendly option. If there will be a procession to a cemetery or mausoleum, the family may encourage attendees to carpool instead of everyone taking their own individual vehicles.

Saving Money on a Tight Budget

Saving money and opting for a more casual service is a strong trend when it comes to farewell ceremonies for deceased persons. Holding a memorial service after a cremation instead of having a full funeral with a casket on display is significantly easier on the family’s budget, which may be tight in difficult economic times. Attendees are told not to dress up. Simply being there is appreciated.

Finding Comfort

Thinking about these aspects that would please the departed loved one can be comforting. Dealing with grief and all the practical matters is stressful, so families are glad to have assistance from an organization such as West Coast Cremation & Burial Services. The funeral directors guide them through the process of making decisions and moving forward.

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