Hazardous Location Lighting and Class 1 Ratings

May 18, 17 Hazardous Location Lighting and Class 1 Ratings

When you shop for hazardous location lighting, you’ll notice ratings like Class 1, Division 1, but what does this mean? When it comes to hazardous locations, classes are important. Here is information on these ratings to give you a better idea of what to buy.

Class 1

This class refers to areas which could have enough vapor or gasses in the air to cause a fire or explosion. Class one has two divisions (Division 1 and 2) and three different zones (0, 1, and 2).

Division 1

Ignitable conditions exist during normal working conditions. These conditions can result from routine maintenance or repairs. Equipment malfunctions or breakdowns can cause hazardous conditions too.

Division 2

A Division 2 (Class 1) must meet one of these three conditions:

Ventilation system keeps volatile vapors or liquids in check. However, if the system fails, hazardous conditions will develop.

Hazardous materials are in approved containers. However, should these containers break or fail, it’s important to have hazardous location lighting.
Near a Division 1 (Class 1) location and hazardous fumes could enter the area, causing fires or explosions, unless approved safeguards are in place.

Zone 0

A zone 0 has flammable gasses all the time, or for extended time periods.

Zone 1

Dangerous levels of ignitable gasses are possible during normal working conditions. Also, these conditions may apply:

High possibility of a flammable atmosphere during maintenance or repairs

Equipment problems are likely to cause flammable or explosive situations.

Area is near a Zone 0 (Class 1)

Zone 2

This zone may experience flammable conditions for short periods of time, and the following conditions:

Workers use volatile materials, but they are normally safe from harm. Breakdowns during normal operation may cause problems, and hazardous location lighting is important.

Proper ventilation may fail.

The area is close to a Zone 1 location.

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