Is it Possible to Get a New Roll Up Door in Boston MA While Keeping the Old Track and Saving Some Money?

Aug 10, 17 Is it Possible to Get a New Roll Up Door in Boston MA While Keeping the Old Track and Saving Some Money?

The question is straightforward enough. Is it possible to get a new garage door while keeping the old track? It is an idea proposed by many customers in an effort to save a couple of bucks and keep the price of the repair minimal. The price can be kept minimal without this strategy. Is it worth it and is it possible?

A Look at Tracking

Put simply, a garage door repair specialist should not recommend this course of action. The main reason has to do with the fit. A garage door is, for the most part, custom fabricated for the house. House dimensions for a garage vary. Though there are some consistencies, the garage door is designed specifically for the house- and this includes the track. A specialist that would recommend this course should be avoided because they are unreasonably placing a client in harm’s way to get a sale.

Gussets and Married Parts

The track and garage work in conjunction due to gussets. These gussets essentially keep the two aligned and they are perfectly in-sync. Using a different door for an old track is not productive because of the time, energy, and extra costs involved with getting a new door to fit the old tracks.

A Roll Up Door in Boston MA installer will quote the price of the door and the track together. It is not logical to do one without the other because they are married within the infrastructure. Not doing so will cause concerns and be hazardous. It is possible for the Roll Up Door in Boston MA to come off the track entirely. The garage is pressured and tightened, so it falling could be a massive catastrophe. The weight will be exaggerated when the pressure breaks and basically “slams” the garage door down. All of this is further complicated by an electric system.

If all of this was not convincing enough, speak to a team member at the local garage installation shop. Guests can visit the website at for more information on installation. There are other ways to save money that does not put anyone in harm’s way and potentially “open the door” for a family catastrophe, a damaged house, and a destructed garage door. You can also visit them on Facebook.

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