Making the Most Out of Storage in Lacey WA

Mar 20, 17 Making the Most Out of Storage in Lacey WA

With more than 50,000 independent self-storage facilities in the United States, the self-storage industry shows no signs of slowing down. The most popular reason for using self-storage is to temporarily store household belongings not readily needed when transitioning between homes. This would account for the average rental period of six months.

The following tips will help you realize the maximum benefits of self Storage in Lacey WA.

 * Pallets are essential items to have to keep your belongings from being in direct contact with the floor. Even if you have an outside unit with a closed door, it’s possible that melting snow could enter the unit under the door or that an adjoining unit might have a spill that makes its way into your unit.

 * Wrap Items. Invest in those large industrial rolls of plastic wrap so you can wrap and seal packages and other belongings. Wrapping them tightly in plastic keeps out insects, helps prevent scratches and minor damage, and protects against moisture.

 * Pad Locks are a must. Although most storage facilities have security measures including video monitoring, security guards, or a gated entry requiring a pass-code, individual units do not have locks provided. Be prepared to acquire your own pad lock, preferably a weather-resistant type with a short arm to prevent access by a bolt cutter.

 * Labels are always needed. One can never have enough labels when it comes to storage boxes. Label every box as to its contents or a brief description of the contents, such as “kitchen utensils” or “pet supplies.” As good as your memory may be, months later you will not remember the contents of every box. Labeling saves time and aggravation of tearing through boxes in search of particular items.

 * Packing Wisely is always recommended. Even small storage units can accommodate a lot of goods. To get the most for your money, packing the unit to the gills, but correctly, is the best plan. This includes stacking boxes up to the ceiling. Laying a sheet of plywood across boxes or even furniture will help accomplish this.

When it comes to self Storage In Lacey Wa, there are a few “don’ts” to keep in mind as well. Don’t overload boxes-;keep them under 25 pounds for easy lifting and moving, don’t wrap items in newspapers, never store flammables, and never store perishable food items.

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