Reasons to Get a Dental Crown in Kona

Sep 13, 17 Reasons to Get a Dental Crown in Kona

Sometimes it seems like modern dentistry can perform miracles, especially for patients who have been suffering from serious pain or having difficulty chewing. There are a wide variety of dental prostheses available today to help patients overcome this type of problem. Having a Dental Crown in Kona is one very effective and simple way to solve a variety of problems, several of which are discussed in more detail below.

Protect a Weakened Tooth

Teeth that have suffered serious decay are sometimes more vulnerable than their healthier counterparts. Small amounts of decay can usually be removed and replaced with a composite filling, but a seriously weakened tooth might require the placement of a dental crown.

Stabilize a Cracked Tooth

If a tooth cracks or chips, it may require a dental crown. Allowing a cracked or chipped tooth to go untended can only lead to more troubles, and having a crown placed is a simple and comparatively painless procedure that can help patients keep their natural teeth intact.

Repair a Broken or Worn Down Tooth

Teeth that are broken or severely worn down may or may not be painful, but they will almost certainly make daily activities like eating food and speaking clearly more difficult. Placing a dental crown will restore normal function to a broken or severely worn tooth.

Reinforce a Root Canal

Just about every root canal will require a dental crown. Root canals involve the removal of infected tooth pulp, leaving the remaining tooth vulnerable without a crown.

Anchor a Dental Bridge

Dental bridges are designed to replace one or more missing teeth. Permanent bridges must be attached to a healthy tooth in the mouth in order to function properly, and this attachment requires the placement of a Dental Crown in Kona.

Repair Severely Misshapen or Discolored Teeth

Teeth with minor discoloration or abnormalities can usually be fixed without the need for a full crown, but more serious cases almost always require one. The benefit of placing a dental crown is that the finished product will look and function just like a normal, healthy tooth.

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