The Benefits of Using a Pest Management Service in Alexandria, VA

May 18, 17 The Benefits of Using a Pest Management Service in Alexandria, VA

When a homeowner has mold in their home it can exacerbate health problems such as asthma, allergies, and other respiratory illnesses. Moisture and mold can also attract cockroaches and other pests, which can only make matters worse. This is when a homeowner needs to hire a Pest Management Service in Alexandria VA to come in and mitigate any infestation.

Usually, when a homeowner sees a mouse, or even a rat, in their home, it means there are more lurking somewhere. Even one rodent can cause significant damage in a home, such as chewing through electrical wires or spreading disease. A pest management service can come to the home and figure out what type of rodent is present, which will lead to the right methods being used to exterminate them.

Click Here for an example of a company that has been eliminating not only pests but mold as well for the past 37 years. For customers, using a company with experience in both forms of removal can save time and money. Since moisture and mold can attract cockroaches and other pests, having one company service the house can allow the professionals to use their expertise in the most productive way possible.

One of the first things a Pest Management Service in Alexandria VA will do is try to find out how the rodents are getting into the home in the first place. The entire home needs to be thoroughly inspected to find even the smallest opening that may be allowing rodents to enter. Once identified, these areas will need to be carefully sealed to prevent more rodents from getting in after the treatments have started. These treatments may include live traps, kill traps, or pesticides to make sure the rodent population is eradicated.

In some cases, where there is a large number of rodents, a home will need to be treated with several methods. Regardless of the methods, it can take time for all of the rodents to be completely removed. The pest service may have to come out to place the initial traps and pesticides and then follow up to remove the rodents that have been trapped or poisoned.

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