The Steps Taken For Complete Vegetation Control in Edmond, OK

Jan 08, 18 The Steps Taken For Complete Vegetation Control in Edmond, OK

There are many steps involved in caring for a lawn if the homeowner wants something that truly looks manicured. Vegetation Control in Edmond OK is just one of the steps. Controlling vegetation is about more than just trimming the grass and pulling a few weeds. It helps to define the space between flower gardens and grass, prevents greenery from overtaking walkways and stops different varieties of grasses from infiltrating a lawn. Here are what homeowners should expect from their lawn care company when they request this type of service.

Controlling Vegetation Manually

Removal of the weeds and grass around trees, shrubs and gardens prevents the growth of the vegetation from taking attention away from these features. Removal by hand or trimmer is often followed by adding mulch or stones around the perimeter to restrict the growth of new vegetation.

Eliminate Invading Grass

When a different species of grass is attempting to overtake a lawn, it may require manually removing the invader by pulling or digging it up manually. Herbicide use is acceptable if there is one known to kill a specific type of grass that will not harm the desired species. In some instances, it is necessary to use an herbicide in a defined area of the lawn to prevent the invading grass from continuing to seed. This will kill the desired species too and require the reseeding or placement of sod in that location.

Treating Areas Early

Vegetation Control in Edmond OK is sometimes a process that requires people to plan ahead as their yard is installed. Weed control is often more effective when the areas are treated prior to the emergence of the weeds. This could include using an herbicide before installing walkways and patios as well as before paving a driveway. Using an herbicide on the soil where the surface materials will go prevents the weeds and grass from growing between the bricks and stones or sprouting up through the pavement.

Consistent vegetation control helps to protect the investment in the lawn and the features throughout the landscape. It is necessary for anyone that wants to have a smooth, lush carpet of grass and appealing flower and rock gardens. Contact Trinity Lawn Care LLC to learn more about how to manage unwanted vegetation.

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