What Swimming Pool Chemicals in Kansas City Are Really Necessary?

Mar 20, 17 What Swimming Pool Chemicals in Kansas City Are Really Necessary?

Even those new to pool ownership typically realize the water needs to be sanitized periodically to ensure a safe swimming environment for a household’s residents and their guests. This is usually performed with a chlorine-based product. New pool owners may not realize, though, that there are┬ámany other Swimming Pool Chemicals in Kansas City that are absolutely necessary for keeping the water clean and safe.

Algae Treatment and Prevention

One important category of chemicals that should not be ignored is those that help protect the water from algae growth. Algae blooms aren’t just gross, the wrong kind of algae can cause health problems for swimmers as well. When it comes to treatment and prevention, there are a variety of products on the market, so be sure to purchase one that will not create a significant pH imbalance or cause the water to become noticeably hard. If the pool already has algae growth due to inadequate care, it will likely need to be cleaned before its next use.

Maintain Balanced pH

The addition to sanitizers, algae treatments, and chlorine, other chemicals can throw the pH of a pool’s water off significantly. Water that is too acidic or too alkaline can cause serious skin irritation, so be sure to regularly check the pH levels in the pool. If they are off, simply adjust accordingly by using soda ash, muriatic acid, or another appropriate pH-balancing product and re-check to ensure the levels are adequate before allowing anyone to swim.

Softening Hard Water

Pool water that is too hard, meaning it contains high concentrations of calcium or other minerals, doesn’t make for a very enjoyable swim. Purchasing water softeners specifically designed for pool use can help.

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