Month: March 2012

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Rock Concert Injuries May Lead to Punitive Damages

If you go to rock concerts frequently (especially if you are a fan of Fishbone), you may want to be extra cautious due to the frontman’s penchant for crowd surfing. And if you’re ever injured at a concert or other special event in Ellwood, Pennsylvania, be aware that...

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Boating on Lake Tahoe: Safety First!

Kayak rentals and boating on Lake Tahoe can be a thrilling experience. However, to keep the experience pleasant for all boaters, it is necessary to have rules and regulations in place to ensure safety and some level of boating etiquette. The Tahoe Regional Planning...

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When An Injury Attorney Can Help

Many people face accidents at some point in their lives and that is why they get insurance beforehand. People know that they should be able to count on their insurance companies when they have an accident, whether it’s at work or on the road. If you find yourself hurt...

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