3 Important Services Offered By a Surveying Company in Austin

Investing in real estate is one of the most lucrative ventures these days, and this has lead to many investors to turn to this business. However, there are many problems that investors are facing during the construction process which tend to make it expensive than they thought. One of these problems is the surveying of land, and a reputable surveying company in Austin should handle this. While this may involve using a good amount of money, it is important that professional surveyors carry out this process to avoid future disputes and safeguard your piece of land by knowing its coverage.

There are several types of land surveys that can be carried out on a piece of land. These surveys are generally meant to help the landowner to be more aware of the extent of his land, its underground features and the risks associated with its location. Some of these surveys include:

Boundary survey

This is the most common and widely used type of survey. It is used to identify and define the boundaries of your estate. This ensures that you don’t encroach your neighbor’s property nor allow them to invade yours. Where land is inherited, the subdivision of land has to be preceded by a land survey. This ensures that the beneficiaries are getting an equal share of the legally owned land. These boundaries ensure that future legal tussles are not engaged between heirs or with neighboring landowners.

Topographic survey

This type is necessary if you are planning to construct a building on the piece of land you have probably bought. It helps in identifying various existing natural and manmade ground features. It can help reveal underlying hard rock formations and the ability of the soil to withstand the weight of the building.

Utility survey

This helps in identifying any utility lines that run beneath the ground, and they include electricity and gas lines, and sewerage and water pipes. This can help the construction company to avoid damaging these utilities for continued service as well as to avoid costly repairs that are associated with the damaged utility lines.
There are many other types of survey that are provided by Baker-Aicklen & Associates Inc., the best Surveying Company in Austin, like geodetic control, construction layout, subdivision platting and route surveying. For these and other services, visit website.

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