3CC Syringes: Common Medical Uses

by | May 16, 2014 | Health

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A syringe is a common type of medical equipment used to administer drugs or other liquid forms of medication. It is comprised of a tightly fitting plunger that is manipulated within the exterior structure or barrel. At the very tip of the barrel is a hypodermic needle. It may be permanently affixed or be removable. Alternatively, the syringe may be attached to or be part of a nozzle or tubing system. This is possible with many syringes, including 3cc syringes with needles.

Purposes of Syringes

Syringes serve one of several different purposes. They can be used:

  • To administer certain injections
  • To insert intravenous drugs or fluids into a patient’s bloodstream
  • For the application of glue, lubricant or other compounds
  • To measure fluids or liquids accurately
  • To withdraw specific fluids or liquids from an individual including blood

Syringes also come in different sizes, including 3cc syringes with needles. The addition of the needles eliminates some of the uses.


In order for treatment to be accurate, it requires the syringe be measurable. This is in terms of volume. The volume of a syringe is usually measured in cubic centimeters (ccs) or milliliters (mls). Either form of accurate measurement is acceptable. What is employed or preferred depends upon education of the medical profession and the individual patient as well as manufacturing supplier and the country of origin. It is not of particular importance, however, since, for example, 3cc syringes with needles are the same as 3 ml syringes with needles. The volume of each is identical.

Where a 3 cc syringe may differ from a 3 ml one is in terms of its needle gauge. This type of measurement reflects the specific use of the needle. It indicates the ability of the needle to probe the different depths of the body and its cavities.

Needle Gauges

Needle gauges do act to differentiate between what type of injection is possible. Take for example 3cc syringes. With needles of different length, the same device can be used to deliver medication or extract fluids at various levels. If it is short with a fine needle, a 3 cc syringe can be used to provide injections at the subcutaneous level of the skin. This means it is effective for injections to be made into the level of fat found directly under the skin.

In order for 3cc syringes with needles to be effective beyond the subcutaneous level of the skin, they must be longer. To access the muscles, the length of the needle must be 20 to 23 gauge and measure 1 to 2’ in length. The further the needle must penetrate, the longer it needs to be.

When it comes to using 3cc syringes with needles, it is important to understand the variations in needle type. While 3 cc syringes are commonly found, this does not mean they are interchangeable. The specifics of the needles will also dictate the uses to which they can be employed effectively.

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