4 Excellent Reasons Your Business Needs Web Design

by | Mar 18, 2016 | Web Design

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Great site design matters. Whether you’re thinking of putting up a site or revising one you’ve already got, here are some pretty excellent reasons to make sure you hire the kind of web designer that’s right for you:

Brand Consistency

Forbes says your site design is one of the key elements you build your brand with. Inconsistencies of any kind in the tone, packaging, or images can confuse customers or make them step back. Great web design helps build the brand by ensuring your site is consistent with your company’s logo, brochures, marketing collaterals as well as vision in the company.


Gigaom posts photos of two sites side by side: one is of Amazon and the other one is of T. Rowe Price. The difference in the layout is immediately clear. Navigation is easy with Amazon. You know where to start if you want to start shopping around. Not so much so with the second site. You’re not sure where to go for what you need, much less what to do. People want something easy and simple. If your target market have trouble navigating the site, that’s going to make them leave before they even get started.

Visual Appeal

Business News Daily says you’ve only got a small window, about 2.6 seconds—which is the time it takes for people to take in the look or feel of a site—in order to make the right impression. If they feel like the site is too boring, has a much too busy layout, or has slow loading times, then those are hardly going to get them in the mood to stay and explore. If you can’t entice your target market to stay through the first page, you’re going to have a tough time with your conversions.


Wording, colors, images—these all matter in a site. All elements have to match, to be consistent in order to generate the kind of branding you want your consumers to know you by. However, a single mistake with the copy or image can derail your company’s reputation and credibility. So make sure you check them out for errors before you start rolling out site updates.


So get your site design right the first time. Don’t let bad site design drive your customers away before they even have a chance to know your business. Hire a pro to help you build the kind of site your target audience will love.

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