5 Helpful Tips For Mold Removal in Tampa

Mold is a serious issue for homeowners that can greatly affect health as well as the condition and future salability of a home. If you notice a mold issue, it is important to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. Here are five helpful tips for successful Mold Removal in Tampa.

1. Address Moisture Problems – The first thing to do before tackling a mold issue is to first address the root cause, which is unwanted moisture. Leaks and excessive dampness lead to the development of mold in and around your home. If you do not properly identify and correct the origin of moisture problems, mold returns shortly after an extensive cleanup.

2. Get Rid of Affected Porous Material – Porous materials around the home such as carpets, insulation and ceiling tiles are very susceptible to mold and in some cases it is impossible for them to recover from  extensive mold damage. If this is the case, the best solution is to completely remove the material from the home and replace them with new materials.

3. Have Remaining Carpets Professionally Cleaned – In cases of minor carpet mold problems, it is possible to have the carpets cleaned instead of completely uprooting and replacing them. Use professional carpet cleaning services to clean the remaining carpets and treat them with the appropriate solutions to eradicate existing mold spores, preventing them from proliferating.

4. Vacuum Thoroughly – After removing damaged and hazardous mold impacted materials from the home, it is important to vacuum every surface properly before putting down new materials. This helps to remove mold spores and dust that can settle on to newly installed materials and cause problems in the future.

5. Scrub Hard Moldy Surfaces – Remove mold that builds up on hard surfaces such as bathroom tiles by scrubbing with a hard brush and a mixture of detergent and water. You can also spray diluted bleach onto the affected areas to help to kill mold spores.

These are five helpful tips that are helpful for Mold Removal in Tampa. Left unchecked, a relatively small mold problem quickly develops into a situation that can potentially cost you thousands of dollars as well as your health. Take steps to identify and fix potential mold problems immediately by utilizing professionals like SEC Inspection Services. They will assess your home and make simple recommendations for the treatment and prevention of mold.


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