5 Tips For Maintaining Hardwood Flooring in New York City

Installing wood flooring is an investment that adds to the overall beauty and value of your home. Make the most of the addition by taking steps to maintain the quality and appearance of your wood floors. The following are five useful tips for maintaining Hardwood Flooring in New York City.

1. Install sheer curtains – Too much direct sun exposure is a major cause of damage to wood flooring. Intense UV rays from the sun cause wood to fade, and in extreme cases, even warp. The simple act of installing sheer curtains and keeping them drawn during the day dramatically cuts down or even eliminates this issue.

2. Always used wood cleaner – The type of cleaners you use on your wood floor can mean the difference between a vibrant and beautiful finish and wood that is dull and lackluster from too much build up. Only use cleaners designed for natural wood flooring. Avoid cleaners designed for other flooring types that contain ingredients such as heavy oils, wax, polish and ammonia.

3. Follow manufacturer instructions – When your wood flooring is first installed, it typically comes with a set of manufacturer specific care instructions. These instructions, which are based on detailed knowledge of your flooring, outlines the proper care techniques that goes into extending the life of the wood. Familiarize yourself with these instructions to ensure that you follow the recommended dos and don’ts for your specific type of wood floors.

4. Use area rugs – The high traffic areas of your home with wood flooring are the most negatively affected. A simple way to cut down on the damage is by using area rugs in these locations. Entrances, exits, hallways and living rooms benefit greatly from area rugs, which serve as buffers between shoes and your beautiful wood floors.

5. Maintain proper humidity – An important consideration for maintaining the beauty and integrity of your wood floors is the level of humidity in your home. Natural wood has a tendency to react to extreme changes in humidity. Strive to sustain a year-round humidity level of approximately 45 percent to maintain wood floors properly.

Use these tips to maintain your Hardwood Flooring in New York City. Taking the time to care for your flooring properly puts money back into your pockets in the end. Well-maintained hardwood floors add value to your home and increase its marketability.

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