5 Tips on Choosing the Right Bottle of Wine from Liquor Stores in Nassau County, NY

Selecting the right bottle of wine can be confusing to say the least, especially for the novice wine-buyer in Nassau County. If you’re new to purchasing wine, you probably have lots of questions as you’re shopping in Liquor Stores in Nassau County, NY. Should you choose red or white? What country produces the best wine? Would dry or sweet wine be more appropriate? If choosing wine is always a stress-filled ordeal, keep reading for some tips on how to select a bottle that won’t disappoint.

Consider the Meal

If you’re choosing wine to pair with a meal, it can be helpful to base your selection on the type of food that’s being served. As a general rule, white wines go best with chicken, fish and light pasta sauces, while red wines best complement beef, lamb, and red pasta sauces. If you’re looking for wine to pair with dessert, try to find a sweeter wine or a port, brandy or sherry.

Don’t Worry About Price

Many people mistakenly assume that the pricier the bottle of wine is in Liquor Stores in Nassau County, NY, the better the quality. The truth is, there are many wonderful wines being produced today that cost less than $20 a bottle, so don’t get too hung up on price.

Seek Out Recommendations

If you’re truly confused, go shopping armed with a recent wine guide or a magazine that focuses on wine, like Food and Wine magazine. These publications always contain helpful reviews and wine profiles that will help you make a worthwhile selection. You can also ask the clerk at the liquor store for a recommendation.

Think Outside the Box

Although many stick to purchasing wine from the main wine-producing regions of Italy and France, you can often find great bargains on wine made in less well-known regions or countries. Australia and Argentina are two countries that have been consistently producing wonderful wine in recent years. The new flavor profiles are exciting, and the price tag is often far less expensive.

Buy Online

Purchasing your wine from an online distributor can be great way to avoid that deer-in-the-headlights syndrome at the liquor store. Many distributors in New York like K & W Liquors even offer helpful customer service representatives who can talk you through the selection process.

Selecting wine doesn’t have to be a headache. Keep the tips above in mind, and remember to have fun and experiment when choosing wine.

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