7 Questions to Ask Web Designers in an Interview

by | May 22, 2014 | Computer And Software

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As with any other professionals you want to employ, you should ask potential web designers the right questions to help you make a decision. These questions will help you to determine if the designer is a good fit for your project. You will also learn whether they can deliver what you want.

The Questions
The main questions that anyone thinking of hiring web designers should ask are:
1. What kinds of clients have they worked for? This is important in helping you get the site you want. Some are able to create intricate sites that are not right for your clients or potential clients.
2. What are the main services they offer? Not all web designers will provide the same services. As such, you need to know what to expect to decide if they are the right provider based on your needs.
3. Are designs created from scratch or with predesigned templates? In most cases, a custom designed site will be more effective as it will capture the essence of your business better than a template, no matter how good it is.
4. Do they help with online marketing? Many business people need help with online marketing including blog creation and updating, as well as social media support.
5. What will it cost and what are the payment options? Ask about a payment plan so you can budget for the job or find another provider whose cost is more in keeping with what you can afford.
6. Do they provide continuous support? While some people will be able to update their sites themselves, not everyone is so inclined and as such will need help.
7. Do they measure and analyze the results to help improve website performance? A website is only as effective as the results it generates. As such, it is important to know if people are visiting and if they are buying or downloading what you offer.
There are other considerations to keep in mind when looking to hire web designers. Failure to do the necessary research to confirm whether they can really provide what you need can lead to failure.

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