A Countertop for the Budget Minded

Today one of the biggest buzz words, when it comes to new countertops, is the natural stone countertop. They are elegant in looks and will last a lifetime. Besides that, stone countertops will instantly add value to any existing home. Of course the downside, and this is a pretty big downside, is the expense of a new stone countertop. For a kitchen, it can cost literally thousands of dollars to redo the countertop and replace with a new stone countertop.

There is a variety of factors that can influence the cost of a stone countertop. Factors include the thickness of the stone, the shape of the stone, and the design of the stone. All of these factors combined go into the value and cost of a new stone countertop.


For a budget minded person, one easy way to reduce overall cost is to reduce the thickness of the stone used for the countertop. There is a drawback to this though. Stone countertops are very durable, but they become weaker when the thickness of the stone is reduced. This can lead to premature cracking down the road. There is, however, a happy medium that can be reached and a local retailer for a stone Countertop in Wausau WI can certainly give advice here.


The second factor that goes into determining price is design of the stone. If it is a rare design of stone, then of course the price will dramatically increase. To save on cost here a person simply needs to go with a design that is a bit more common or they can go with the more expensive design and just settle on less thickness.


Finally, there is the shape of the stone countertop. If the local retailer has to cut out a lot of corners and edges for the Countertop in Wausau WI they will most certainly have to charge more for the cutting fee. Additionally, if the retailer has to do a lot of cutouts for countertop items like the sink, faucet, stove top, etc this will also drive up the cost for the stone countertop. Unfortunately, there is no real shortcut on cost here.

Most people hire a company to come in and install their new stone countertop. It is safer, and the customer is protected if an accident happens and the stone breaks. Installation is very expensive because it is very labor intensive. One way to cut down on costs here is to have the countertop cut up in pieces. This requires less effort to install and thus will make the installation cost less.

Stone countertops are expensive. Installing them can be very rewarding though. They will add value and last a lifetime.

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