A DUI Lawyer in Lebanon Can Be Invaluable if You Are Charged With a DUI

If you have been charged with a DUI, don’t say anything more to anyone besides your attorney. You are not obligated to talk to anyone, even the arresting officer. You need to retain an experienced DUI attorney as soon as possible.

There are many procedures the DUI attorney is aware of, which should have been followed. If these were not followed, the attorney may get the charge dismissed. If you were given a Breathalyzer test, then the attorney will question the last time the Breathalyzer was calibrated and the experience of the officer who administered it. For example, a Breathalyzer is a precision instrument, and periodic calibration is necessary to ensure the accuracy of the instrument. Calibration is required, so the equipment can be used in court as evidence.

An experienced attorney will ask about the last time the Breathalyzer was calibrated and what was found. They might ask for the calibration history of the machine. The credentials of the person doing the calibration can also be questioned. The state may have calibration standards, and it would be important to know if the jurisdiction you were charged in has followed these standards. The DUI Lawyer in Lebanon will know when and how to ask these questions.

If a blood sample was taken, all types of questions can be raised by the attorney who will cast a negative light on the test results. The results may get thrown out. Blood tests can be easily used as evidence if the DUI suspect does not have an attorney. However, the DUI Lawyer in Lebanon will know how to approach getting the blood tests thrown out.

A DUI attorney knows the court system, and he is very likely to have a working relationship with the prosecutor, which an unrepresented person would never have. The DUI attorney has most likely appeared before the judge on many occasions, and the judge knows the DUI attorney is an experienced and ethical practitioner. This can be a big help to the accused. There is even a possibility the DUI attorney has some experience with the arresting police officer, which will provide the attorney with an understanding of the officer’s capability in court. Visit Website for more information!

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