A few things to know about roof repair

Roof repair in Coeur d’ Alene ID is a home project that many homeowners shy away from due to the height and potential for injury but there are some roof repair jobs that can be done by the homeowner that will save a little money and are quite straight forward. Before you start a DIY program though it is always wise to find out exactly what the problem is otherwise a professional should be called in.

If the house is reasonably young the two issues that crop up most often are wind damage and improper design. Most people think that roof damage will only occur if the winds are hurricane force, not true, even a wind of 50 MPH can lift a shingle, loosen nails or pull the adhesive loose from the roof structure.

If the problem that you are experiencing is the result of poor roof design then this is a job that must be left to professionals who do roof repair in Coeur d’ Alene ID. If you fix the roof this in itself does not fix the problem, it will continue to occur until the problem is solved. The most common problems with a roof which is not designed correctly are often structural; not enough support members to carry the weight of the roof plus any snow load. Other problems are inadequate slopes, too few drains allowing water to pool and lack of consideration when it comes to expansion and contraction in the deck, eventually this will lead to the roof materials separating.

If the home is old, the problem may simply be age and normal weathering that comes after years of exposure. In these cases the first thing that must be done is to remove the damaged shingles, exposing the damage below. If you find that the damage was limited to the shingles these can be replaced however, should the tar paper membrane or the roof structure be damaged you should call for professionals to remove the existing shingles and tar paper, repair any rotted wooden surfaces and replace the roof with all new material.

The cardinal rule of roof repair is simple; wait until the bad weather lets up before you attempt to find the problem and repair it. In the meantime, protect the contents of the home with plastic drop cloths and buckets. Once you get on the roof then and only then can you decide if it’s a DIY task or a job for the pros.

Although minor roof repair in Coeur d’ Alene ID may be attempted by the homeowner it is always wise to call in professionals. When it has to be done right you are invited to Contact Premier Roofing Contractors.

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