A Heat Pump in Ormond Beach, FL Efficiently Cools and Heats a Home

It can be expensive to run an air conditioner all summer and then turn the heating on in the autumn. Homeowners have found that using a Heat Pump in Ormond Beach FL can lower their energy costs. A heat pump does not use energy to produce hot or cool air. It simply moves the hot air to where it is wanted or away from where it is not wanted. Therefore it is a cheaper way to maintain a home’s temperature. It is important that the homeowner understand that the heat pump constantly moves air from room to room. Therefore they should not shut it down to save money. This will only create more work for more expensive components of the HVAC system such as the air conditioner.

There are several kinds of heat pumps. An air source heat pump uses a compressor and condenser to absorb heat from one place and send it to another place. A geothermal heat pump transfers heat from the ground into the home. An absorption pump gets its heat from natural gas or the sun. If a homeowner adds a room on to their home and doesn’t connect it to the HVAC system, a ductless heat pump is the answer. An experienced technician from Best Value AC and Heating will be able to help the homeowner choose which heat pump is best for their home.

Like all mechanical devices, a Heat Pump Ormond Beach FL needs to be serviced regularly to work well. Owners who fail to do this can expect their heat pump to use from 10 to 25 percent more energy. Air filters should be changed once a month or according to the manufacturer’s instructions. When an air filter is clogged it reduces the amount of air that can circulate in the system. If the surface of coils and fans are also dirty this can severely reduce the amount of air flow. Expensive compressors can be damaged when they don’t have enough air flowing through them. When a technician arrives to service the unit, he can use equipment to precisely measure the air flow in the unit. This ensures that it will be working at peak efficiency.

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