A Missing Tooth Can Be Replaced With Dental Implants In Commack NY

Mar 30, 16 A Missing Tooth Can Be Replaced With Dental Implants In Commack NY

If someone is missing a tooth or several teeth, a visit to a dentist can begin their treatment with Dental Implants in Commack NY. If a tooth is missing, it will allow the other teeth to shift in the jaw and can affect how someone chews their food as well as their speech. Cleaning between crowded teeth can be difficult and result in areas of decay. Dental implants can deliver a permanent fix to a very serious problem. It can help to improve someone’s confidence and self-esteem. A dental implant will not look any different than any other teeth. They will appear so nature in shape, size and appearance that no one will know they’re not real.

Dental Implants in Commack, NY can help with dentures. Dentures can slip out of place when eating, chewing or speaking and irritate the gums. Dental implants act as a natural tooth to keep the dentures in place. These implants can help to keep a bridge in a fixed position. Dental implants are an alternative to dentures. A thorough exam must be performed by a dentist to determine if someone can benefit from dental implants.

Dental implants can replace the tooth roots that have been damaged. They permit easier eating, improved speech, comfort, and appearance. Once an individual has been approved for dental implants, the first appointment will involve the placement of a titanium post in the jaw. The dentist will make a small incision in the gum and drill a small hole into the bone to insert the post. A temporary crown will be placed on the post. Healing of the gum tissue and bone must be completed before returning to the dentist. When a patient returns to the dental office, the dentist will remove the temporary crown and install a permanent crown.

The material used for dental implants feels and looks like your natural teeth. There is very little discomfort during a dental implant because a local anesthesia will be used. Michael Kampourakis DDS has years of experience in the dental field including cosmetic dentistry treatments. If you’re interested in improving your smile, contact him today.

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