A Social Security Lawyer in Oklahoma City, OK is Needed to Handle Your Disability Claim

Social Security Disability benefits are an entitlement for those who are injured and cannot work. If you have no income, and you can prove you are disabled, then you receive disability benefits. However, a large percentage of the applicants for Social Security Disability are denied. While they should not be discouraged by a rejection, they should move quickly to contact a Social Security Lawyer in Oklahoma City, OK who is experienced in handling these cases. Experience is invaluable in these matters because it is time to present a different and more thorough case. It may be necessary to add to the case presentation or remove something. It might be important to have a different doctor’s examination. An experienced attorney needs to evaluate the case and decide how to proceed to a hearing.

The attorney can present another case without a hearing because you are entitled to two reviews before the hearing. Whether this is advisable is a decision the attorney should make. If you are turned down a second time, the attorney has gained some valuable insight into what may be missing from your case.

If your disability is complex and difficult to present, it might be wise to retain a Social Security Lawyer in Oklahoma City, OK from the beginning. You are looking for an attorney who is compassionate and dedicated to helping a disabled person.

There are many complexities in the filing process, and it is difficult for a lay person to get it right the first time. The application is not an easy one to complete. Knowing which and how many medical records to get can be difficult. An attorney experienced in Social Security Disability will know which medical records will be needed, and he will know how to present them. The administrative law judges who conduct the hearings rule in favor of the applicant 70 percent of the time. This speaks well for your chances of an appeal being successful.

A very general statement about filing for Social Security Disability is to be sure you have done everything you can to document your disability with doctors who are respected in their field. Make sure you get the documentation and look at it carefully. If you do not believe it is complete, go back to the doctor and get it completed correctly. Do not be passive about this.

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