A Sports Utility Vehicle Can be a Dangerous Weapon

The car that is most likely to roll on our beautiful Vermont freeways due to its design is the Sport’s Utility Vehicle (SUV), often carrying the stereotypical soccer mom and her brood of energetic children. This can result in tragic consequences, given that rollovers are the cause of more highway fatalities than any other type of car accident.

Often when this happens, it is a single vehicle accident which means that something happened to cause the car to go into a rollover while tooling down the freeway. Due to the high center of gravity that is the signature appeal of many SUV’s (though many manufacturers in recent years have been working to correct this factor), an SUV may roll more easily than other types of cars due to a blowout, or due to an overcorrection when the vehicle veers slightly off the road.

When this occurs, victims may have recourse to pursue damages from the manufacturer due to a defective vehicle by seeking the professional assistance of a car accident lawyer in Burlington, VT. (It may be argued that a vehicle should not roll just because a tire blows out.) Older SUVs may also not offer much in terms of roof crush resistance, which is often responsible for terrible injuries and fatalities.

An SUV without a roll bar has no protection against a rollover, and although many auto manufacturers now provide roll bars at one point in time customers had to pay extra for a roll bar as an amenity. Pressure groups and lawsuits gradually have begun to make safety improvements on most late model SUVs, which is a good sign, but there are still hundreds of thousands of top heavy SUVs on the road that are simply unsafe.

Vermont residents who are victims of a roll over should seek the immediate help of a car accident lawyer in Burlington, VT in order to determine liability. A car accident due to vehicle malfunction or defection is in the purview of a lawyer who can pursue the case in Burlington, VT. Often, the liability is so obvious that manufacturers will settle out of court, but on some occasions they will fight it.

Car manufacturers have high powered corporate lawyers whose main task it is to not lose money. It’s therefore in the best interests of victims pursuing injury lawsuits or wrongful death claims to have an experienced and seasoned attorney on their side.

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