A Total Agriculture curriculum Package

May 17, 13 A Total Agriculture curriculum Package

An agriculture education curriculum can cover a number of topics, and there can be quite a bit of overlap with other curricula. That is why an all-encompassing Agriculture curriculum such as the one offered by CEV Multimedia is a rare find. There are the general topics one would expect to see, such as Introduction to Agriculture, and Plant and Animal Systems, but there are also some unexpected elements. These include areas of study such as Power, Structural, and Technical Systems, which covers topics ranging from MetalWorking to Farm Equipment Maintenance and Repair. There are also modules covering a wide array of business-related topics like Economics and Marketing Principles and agribusiness-specific subjects including Introduction to Agricultural Credit.

From all appearances, CEV Multimedia want to be sure that they’ve covered all of the bases when preparing individuals to be able to handle all aspects of the agricultural world. And to make it easier for instructors, these modules come complete not only with a set number of days’ worth of teaching materials, but also with projects, DVD presentations,assessments, and PowerPoint presentations to keep the learning experience interactive and the students engaged.

If you aren’t familiar with CEV Multimedia, they have been providing educational materials for almost thirty years and are innovators in their field. They are the country’s leading producer of Career and Technical Education materials, with over 35,000 minutes of instructional video in their library and have earned numerous awards for both their educational content and their business practices.

Never ones to rest on their laurels, in 2012 CEV took a giant leap into the future of education with “iCEV”. This innovative online learning platform takes advantage of the internet to deliver educational content for true “learning on demand”. Students can work at their own pace and lessons can be streamed to virtually any internet-capable device, PCs, Macs, laptops, tablets, even smart-phones. Literally, you will have your lessons at your fingertips.

For a full on learning package that will immerse a student in all aspects of agriculture, from hands-on day-to-day operations, to effectively managing all facets of an agribusiness, and one that will assist the instructor as well, the offerings from CEV Multimedia are worthy of serious consideration.

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