A Trash Service in Norwich, CT Makes Recycling Easy

by | Apr 30, 2014 | Recycling

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Many municipalities have recycling programs, and residents sort their trash into various categories so things can be recycled and not sent to landfill sites. Being able to recycle something means not having to take more resources to recreate it, which is especially important when it comes to items made from non-renewable sources. The only problem with recycling is that even though a lot of people have the best of intentions, they end up not sorting their trash because they don’t have the time, or they simply don’t feel like doing it, and then making the trip to the recycling center to get rid of it all.

For those who really do want to get into recycling, the first place to start is by separating trash from anything that is recyclable. Then, separate the items into various groups, such as paper, metal, and glass. Paper must be separated into sub-categories. Newsprint will be one paper sub-category. Another sub-category for is shiny paper, such as the paper from magazines, catalogs, and glossy advertisements. The third sub-category is copy paper. This includes computer paper, envelopes, stationary, and notebook paper. Remove any covers and other materials that are not made from paper, such as spiral bindings. The final paper sub-category is cardboard. Boxes can be broken down for recycling.

When recycling glass, be sure to clean all items completely, and group items according to the color of the glass. Lids must be removed, but it is alright to leave the labels on. Metal recycling involves mainly aluminum cans. Be sure to rinse the cans thoroughly, and crush them before recycling. Plastics need to be sorted into three groups: clear PET; HDPE milk jugs; and colored HDPE. The categories are usually marked on most plastic containers, which should be rinsed. Remove lids, and crush plastic bottles.

Instead of going through all of this trouble, it is a lot easier to let someone else do the work. A trash service Norwich CT makes recycling easy. All trash can go into one bin, and the team at Willimantic Waste Paper Co. will take care of all of the separating and recycling.

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