Acute Emergencies Are Treated Within A Walk In Medical Center In Middletown, NY

Your local Walk In Medical Center in Middletown, NY treats minor emergencies and provides immediate medical care. These treatment options include stitches, resetting broken bones, and evaluation of pain. The medical staff within these facilities typically includes a general practice physician along with nurses and x-ray technicians. The services provided by these facilities are classified as acute care which implies that they can treat any conditions that are not life-threatening. To learn more about services offered within your local urgent care facility call Orange Urgent Care in Middletown, NY.

How Urgent Care Facilities Operate

Patients who visit an urgent care facility have the option to visit as a walk-in or by scheduling an appointment. These facilities offer medical assistance with minor emergencies that are non-life-threatening in nature. However, they do treat broken bones, lacerations, and other minor injuries sustained in motorcycle accidents. Typically, walk-ins are attended on a first-come, first-serve basis although more significant emergencies are addressed promptly.

Local Medical Care

Orange Urgent Care presents local residents with immediate medical assistance for minor emergencies. These care facilities additionally offer medical treatment for common ailments such as flu, colds, and infections. The doctor on staff within this facility offers assistance with lacerations, burns, and broken bones sustained in accidents. They assist you with worker’s compensation claims after you sustain an injury while performing your work duties. If you need diagnostic or x-ray services the doctors at this facility can assist you promptly. If you would like to see a doctor at the Orange Urgent Care you may visit as a walk-in or schedule an appointment.


With a Walk In Medical Center in Middletown, NY, you have immediate access to medical treatment. As a walk-in, however, you will be seen on a first-come, first-serve basis. The medical staff within your local urgent care facility is equip to treat minor emergencies that are not life-threatening in nature. This includes treatment of ear infections that could produce high-fevers if left untreated. If you do not have a regular physician that you visit, you may acquire general practice-based services from your local urgent care facility as a walk-in or by appointment.

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