Add Creative Flare With Custom Rugs In Charlotte

Custom rugs in Charlotte are available to discerning homeowners who want unique designer accent pieces.  Because they are truly custom, they are available in a wide array of colors, designs and materials to fit every décor.  The process of designing your custom rug is simple; the choices center on materials, colors, dimensions, and designs.  Your traditional, eclectic, modern, or creative design style of your home will be accented beautifully with a custom area rug.

Custom Leather Rugs

Leather rugs are durable, repel moisture naturally and bring a rich natural texture to rooms.  Leather rugs can bring a contemporary feel to a room in the format of a leather shad, be more mountain cabin chic with an animal hide cutout design, or more casual with a woven or textured finish.  They are ideal for all areas of the home and when partnered with a nonslip-cushioned padding offer busy cooks a comfortable place to stand with easy cleanup.

Custom Synthetic Fiber Rugs

Synthetic fiber rugs are more reasonably priced than natural fibers like silk, wool, sisal and others.  They are also more stain resistant, easier to care for, and available in a wide variety of colors, shapes, designs and styles.  For people with allergies, they are often a great substitution for natural sheepskin and wooly rugs.  Contemporary, traditional, oriental, and other artistic designs are available.  Custom rugs in Charlotte come in a variety of piles and levels of plushness depending on your desire.

Custom Wool Rugs

When most people think of wool rugs, they think of traditionally styled Oriental rugs with intricate patterns and rich colors.  Today, many are made with the finest in New Zealand wools and blends that add richness and elegance to any room.  While these are popular options, they are not buyers’ only options.  Contemporary rug designs of floral, geometric or other modern designs are available in wool to create warmth and style. Some rugs, like natural Flokati rugs offer an exotic beauty to rooms.  They are naturally soil resistant and hand washable.

Area rugs add color, style, texture and design style to any room.  They help protect your expensive hardwood or natural stone floors and give toes a cozy place to curl on cool evenings. There is a wide array of rugs available in fine wool, silk, sisal, synthetics, leathers, bamboo, and many more.  Bright colors and bold patterns or subtle tonal designs in wispy floral prints can highlight your room and existing décor.  Custom rugs are available at a variety of price points, in a myriad of materials and are ideal for discriminating homeowners. They can often be customized and ready for your home in a matter of a few weeks or months.

Custom area rugs can protect your hardwood floors while adding style and elegance to any room of your home. Highlight your personality and your personal style with custom rugs in Charlotte. Visit a fine flooring retailer today to see your options for custom rugs today.

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