Adding a New Space to your Home

It’s never too late to add a sunny new space to your home by adding a bright new conservatory. There are so many homeowners who deliberate about having an extension built, to add new space to their homes. However, put simply, a conservatory is generally faster, cheaper and easier to build. A home extension sometimes requires planning permission whereas, generally, a conservatory does not. You should check the planning department in your area for confirmation that you do not need planning permission, but generally, there is no need because a conservatory is only a one level construction. An extension could be a two level addition to include a bedroom or new bathroom, but a conservatory is generally a sunroom that attaches to the rear or side of your home.

How does a Conservatory Compare with an Extension?

Ordinarily the comparison between a home extension and a conservatory is very simple. A home extension requires planning, sometimes planning permission, a high budget, a good builder and a few months disruption in your home. An extension can take many months to finish and must be completed at each stage according to local building regulations. You will need a plasterer, an electrician, a plumber and project manager, a brick layer and other tradesmen to complete the work and this adds to the costs. However, with a conservatory, you can usually hire the services of a specialist company that only builds conservatories. Those who need conservatories in Gravesend, or any other part of the country can usually contact a respected and reputable local builder to have their addition build, or contact a company that concentrates its work only on conservatories.

Get brochures and specifications from a consultant who knows the business before you make your final decision and always talk to more than one company. You may find that quotes, styles and prices will vary between manufacturers and builders, so it pays to make sure you are getting the most for your money.

Most conservatories are constructing using uPVC but you can opt for wood. The wood is pre-treated and weatherized but will still not last as long as uPVC constructions, owing to the natural properties of wood. However, many believe that choosing wood is a more natural and eco-friendly option and leaves less of a carbon footprint.

If you are looking for conservatories in Gravesend to add cost effective energy savings to your home, contact Deaves & Company Home Improvements for a quote for yours today.

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