Advantages of Hiring a General Attorney in Tuscaloosa

Many lawyers specialize in one field of law. Some are very experienced in family law while others have been practicing criminal or business law for decades. Because you may need an attorney more than once in your lifetime, it is often beneficial to choose an Attorney in Tuscaloosa who can handle a variety of legal problems.

When you hire an attorney with broad expertise, you get a lawyer that can help you through a divorce, defend you in a DUI case or prepare your will. Your attorney will get to know you and your family as they represent you through various stages of your life. You may save money with such an attorney because your lawyer will not need to spend a lot of time learning about your personal situation. He or she can get straight to the facts of the current issue without devoting an hour or more on background information.

Just as your attorney will require billable time to get to know you, you won’t have to spend time getting to know your lawyer. If you have worked with your attorney on another case, you likely already established a rapport. Because you already know what to expect from your lawyer, you may come into the consultation already comfortable with your attorney’s knowledge and skills.

With a general attorney, you may get more personalized service. Your attorney can tailor your claim or defense to more appropriately fit your situation if you are a former client. Your attorney can spend more time on your legal issue and less on gathering personal information from you. Instead of making a phone call, your lawyer can simply look in your file to find out if you are married or divorced, where you work now or in the past and your criminal history.

You have a lot of options when you search for an Attorney in Tuscaloosa. While a specialized attorney may be appropriate in some situations, an attorney with a wide reach is often more effective if you have a variety of legal issues or if you like to consult with an attorney before you enter into a contract, purchase real estate or hire employees.

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