After the Home Builders Have Finished, Here’s How to Maintain Your Residence

If you’ve just moved into a newly-built home in Fort Myers, FL, you may have the mindset that you’ll never let it get cluttered, and will always maintain it well, especially if you’re still caught up in admiring the hard work of your home builders. Fort Myers, FL families often have busy lifestyles though, and if you’re among them, those initial aspirations may not hold true over a long-term basis. Be proactive by following the easy maintenance tips below so they’ll become parts of your routine rather than things you wait too long to do.

Clean Gutters Regularly

Debris like leaves and branches can quickly clog your gutters and lead to moisture build-up that might harm the home’s exterior and foundation if not handled promptly. Even if your home builders installed gutters fitted with accessories to reduce clogs, those aren’t foolproof.

Hire a Chimney Sweep

A fireplace could boost your home’s value and provide comforting warmth during the winter months. Make sure to get your chimney professionally cleaned on a regular basis. Otherwise, you could be living with a fire hazard and not even know it.

Drain Your Water Heater Every Year

When discussing expectations with home builders in Fort Myers, FL residents often ask for energy-efficient water heaters, especially since some are eligible for federal tax credits. You could save even more on your energy bill by draining your water heater every year to remove sediment.

Keep Your Dryer Vent Cleared

Clothes dryers have filters to catch lint, but some could still escape into the vent system. Get into the habit of checking yours every few months and cleaning it out as necessary. That’ll help your dryer work more efficiently and it’s another way to reduce the risk of a fire.

Attend to the Lawn

After working with home builders, Fort Myers, FL residents should make sure the yard looks as appealing as the inside. Doing that is often as simple as keeping the grass well cut, weeded, and fertilized. A few flowers or shrubs can also improve aesthetic appeal and make a residence look welcoming right away.

These suggestions should get you off to a great start in maintaining a newly built home. By taking care of needs periodically instead of waiting until problems arise, you could get even more enjoyment from your investment.

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