Airsoft is a Fun Sport

Airsoft is a sport which has been long played in parts of Asia; it began to become popular in the US and is now enjoyed by many participants. The game itself really has no set rules, although there are some games which are somewhat pre-set in their objective. The game is played by either a couple of individuals squaring off with one another or with teams. The most common way to play is in a team, the tactics can be similar to war games.

The players have a huge array of accessories that they can and usually do, buy and wear. These accessories are referred to as tactical gear and includes just about everything you would see a modern soldier of SWAT team member wear, including a low slung tactical thigh holster. These holsters differ from conventional hand gun holsters as they ride at mid-thigh rather than at hip level. This location makes it easier and quicker for the tactical Airsoft soldier to get at his secondary weapon when need be.

The weapons used by Airsoft “soldiers” are exact replicas of modern weapons used in tactical warfare are police operations. Everything about the sport appears real, the weapons and the gear, including the combatants tactical thigh holster. The guns that are used in Airsoft are powered by spring, gas or electricity from a battery pack. The guns, both hand held and long weapons use a small plastic pellet as ammunition. Most players will use gas or electric versions for their long guns as they can fire either on semi-automatic or full auto. As a back-up weapon, a spring actuated hand held side arm is often the weapon of choice. The spring operated gun can only fire a single shot before it has to be re-cocked by hand but it is effective at close in fighting and when this sidearm is housed in a tactical thigh holster, it is immediately available to the combatant.

Holsters are just a small part of the tactical gear that is available to the players. Some of the gear is more important than others, but many players wear full body armor and all the accessories as it adds a dimension of realism to the sport which is important.

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