An A/C Contractor in Buffalo Grove Will do an Engineering Study of Your Home Before Recommending an A/C System

If your air conditioner is not working the way you want it to work, then it is time to find a new air conditioning system. The A/C contractor in Buffalo Grove, IL is the place to start. Their experience and capability to carry the product lines you need is not to be overlooked.

Selecting a new A/C system is a science perfected by the manufacturers and the technicians which install the systems. However, the process begins with an engineer coming to your home and reviewing the following:

* How much glass is in the house to allow the sun’s heat to penetrate the home?

* Which direction does the most glass face? This is affected in part by the position of the house on the lot.

* What type of windows does the home have? Are they energy star rated?

* Do trees provide shade?

* What type and how much insulation does the home have and what is its R factor?

* The square footage and the height of the ceilings will be important.

* Does any air leak out of the house and does any hot outside air pass through door and window frames?

* Is the attic adequately ventilated?

Based on this information the engineer will recommend an A/C system designed to cool your home efficiently with less wear on the system and lower energy costs. The engineer will recommend a system with a Certain SEER rating stipulated for your home’s most efficient use of an A/C system. SEER means the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio and it is calculated by the cooling output in BTUs divided by the total electric watt-hours to achieve it. The SEER ratings begin at 13 and go up to 22, but too high is just as bad as too low. This is why you don’t gain by going into a store which sells socks and lawn mowers and asking about what SEER rating you need. This rating represents how much cooling you can get and for what price. The A/C contractor in Buffalo Grove, IL will get it right for you.

Another important part of a new A/C system is the thermostat. The programmable thermostats are the most efficient because they can program your A/C system to operate on a certain schedule.

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