An Accident Attorney in Lubbock can Help After You’re Hit by a Company Car

by | Dec 23, 2013 | Lawyers

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If you suffer injuries in an accident involving the driver of a company car, that fact can have effects on future litigation. The law of negligence determines responsibility for auto accidents, and factors such as driver impairment, weather and speed are also considered. However, if you are hurt by someone driving on behalf of the government or a private company, other considerations must be made.

An Injury Lawsuit’s Stages

If an employee harms someone while on the job, their company can be held responsible according to the theory of respondeat superior. Because the employee was working when the accident occurred, that person and their company are held responsible for negligence. This is an advantage for plaintiffs, because it offers another entity against which they and the Killion Law Firm can litigate.

Responsibility for Injuries

If an employee is driving a company vehicle but using it for personal purposes, the company can still be held liable. Car owners are supposed to exercise due care when allowing others to use their vehicles, and if the company failed in that regard, they can be liable for negligent entrustment. For instance, if a company does not check a worker’s driving record, or does not know about a medical condition or other factor that impacted the vehicle’s safe operation, negligent entrustment has occurred.

In addition to the negligent entrustment and respondeat superior liability theories, many US states hold vehicle owners strictly liable for injuries caused by worker/drivers. This means that a company’s liability is not contingent upon whether the worker was operating within their job duties at the time of the accident. Car owners can be held responsible if an accident was caused by poor vehicle maintenance. Depending on whether a vehicle is leased or owned, another entity could be responsible for the maintenance of a vehicle.

Auto accidents are traumatic experiences, and if someone else is responsible for your injuries, the situation can be overwhelming. If you are hurt in an accident involving the driver of a government or company vehicle, call an Accident Attorney in Lubbock who can find and name all potential defendants in your upcoming case.

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