An Accident Attorney in Oklahoma City Provides Legal Representation After a Bus Accident

by | May 23, 2014 | Lawyers and Law Firms

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An Accident Attorney in Oklahoma City frequently handles car accident cases. Other types of vehicle accidents also cause serious injury and fatalities, and the injured person or his family may want to hire a lawyer for legal representation. A person who has been hurt when a tractor-trailer driver fell asleep at the wheel or a bus driver’s inattention caused an accident suffers substantial consequences.

Bus accidents are not as common as car accidents, but when they occur, they can lead to serious harm and long-lasting negative effects. A distracted bus driver might jolt the vehicle forward while a person is walking up the steps, for instance, causing that individual to fall. A driver going too fast for conditions can cause the vehicle to slide off an icy road or to roll over on an embankment. Drivers who are in a hurry might hit a pedestrian in a crosswalk while making a right turn at a red light. An Accident Attorney in Oklahoma City conducts his own investigation of the incident after being hired by a client. A firm such as The Homsey Law Center provides free consultations to people who have been injured in vehicle accidents due to the actions of another driver.

Accidents involving buses can qualify for litigation whether the incident involved a charter bus, mass transit or public transportation vehicle, school bus or tour bus. An Accident Attorney in Oklahoma City is no stranger to these incidents; as recently as December 2013, a school bus collision in the city caused minor injuries to several children. In this case, the accident was not caused by the bus driver but rather by another vehicle driver turning in front of the bus.

Bus passengers trust the drivers to get them to their destination safely. Although bus company employees know it is their responsibility to drive safely, they also are under pressure to catch up on the schedule if, for some reason, they are running behind. They also can become distracted by their own personal problems, they may suffer from insomnia and drive while very fatigued, and they may even drive while under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. An Accident Attorney in Oklahoma City can help individuals harmed by negligent drivers receive the compensation they deserve.

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