An Accident Lawyer in Fair Oaks, CA Helps Clients After Slip-and-Fall Incidents

by | Apr 30, 2014 | Lawyers

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Slip-and-fall incidents constitute some of the most common accidents. These accidents can result in a relatively minor injury, such as a sprained wrist, but they can also cause severe injuries. People can suffer serious concussions, multiple fractures, long-term debilitating back pain, and even paralysis because of these incidents. Property owners are responsible for keeping the place safe so that nobody is injured by slipping and falling. If an injured person believes he is not receiving a fair compensation offer from the property owner’s insurance carrier, he may want to contact an accident lawyer in Fair Oaks, CA for assistance.

Business owners and managers of establishments that have a great deal of foot traffic must be vigilant about keeping floors dry and alerting customers and employees to the presence of wet floors. Falling on wet floors and stairs is a frequent scenario in regard to injuries caused by slipping. Someone on the staff should mark the space as “slippery when wet,” or place a “caution — wet floors” notice. Slipping on wet stairs — or on an escalator — is especially dangerous. A law firm such as Sevey, Donahue & Talcott provide free consultations to people who have been injured after slipping and falling on a wet surface.

Wet surfaces inside a building can develop for many reasons. People often track in water on rainy days, especially if their shoes have tread. Freezers and refrigerated units in grocery stores may develop a leak. In a grocery store, a customer might drop a jar or bottle that breaks on the floor and leaves liquid spilled there. If not addressed promptly, these can be hazardous situations. In public bathrooms, people wash their hands and then head for a towel dispenser, dripping water all the way there. In addition, regular bathroom cleaning by maintenance workers leaves floors wet.

At sporting events or concerts in arenas and other venues, hundreds or even thousands of people are gathered in a relatively small space. The risk of spilled drinks that can cause slippery surfaces is high, especially when alcohol is available. Serious injuries have occurred in these situations. An Accident Lawyer in Fair Oaks, CA is ready to help injured people obtain the financial compensation they deserve.

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