An Auto Accident Injury Doctor in Ocala May Order Physical Therapy

Apr 30, 20 An Auto Accident Injury Doctor in Ocala May Order Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is strongly recommended for certain kinds of injuries, including those that commonly occur in vehicle collisions. After treatment by an auto accident injury doctor in Ocala, the patient may begin a course of physical therapy that helps speed healing and restore proper function.

Common Injuries

Common injuries resulting from car collisions include bone fractures, whiplash, muscle strain and head trauma. Emergency room treatment may be required. Afterward, the patient can seek follow-up evaluation and treatment from an auto accident injury doctor in Ocala.

An Order for Therapy

A medical clinic that focuses on vehicle accident injuries may provide physical therapy on the site. A car accident injury doctor may actually order therapy as part of the patient’s full medical care.

Understanding the Importance

Following the customized course of treatment created by the physical therapist can seem quite difficult at times. Nevertheless, it is crucial for the patient to attend the sessions and practice the prescribed exercise regimen at home. Otherwise, full healing may be delayed, and the patient may continue to experience problems with flexibility, strength and mobility.

Pain may increase during the exercises, but patients typically notice significant improvements afterward. Physical activity also is known to boost mood, a very beneficial side effect.

Insurance Coverage

Physical therapy should be covered by insurance, whether the patient will be using healthcare coverage or medical coverage through an automotive insurance policy. Some insurance policies do not cover alternative treatments like chiropractic care or massage, but physical therapy is considered a standard form of conventional medical care.

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