Answers To Common Questions About How To Get A weed Card In Houston

by | Apr 22, 2022 | Marijuana

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The process of getting a medical marijuana card or MMJ card is set by each state. Patients in the Houston area with qualifying medical and psychological conditions meet with a medical marijuana doctor by phone to receive a medical marijuana prescription.

The prescription rather than a recommendation for the use of medical marijuana simplifies the process for patients in the Houston area. However, there are often questions about how to get a weed card that can cause confusion. To help clarify, here are the most common questions and answers.

How to get a weed card without a visit to a doctor’s office?

In Texas, meeting with a CUP registered medical marijuana doctor is done by phone. There is no in-office meeting, and there is no requirement for video conferencing. The patient is required to provide identifying information at the time of the call for verification.

How do I fill a medical marijuana prescription?

The medical marijuana doctor in Texas enters the patient prescription into the CURT or Compassionate Use Registry of Texas, which is an online database. The dispensary can access the patient information to fill the prescription. This is a simple and effective process to ensure the patient gets the right medical marijuana dosage and formulation.

Without having to worry about how to get a weed card or how and where to keep the card safe, patients in Texas call the dispensary for a refill or to place their initial order.

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