Are there any Advantages to a Fiberglass Swimming Pool?

Jan 13, 14 Are there any Advantages to a Fiberglass Swimming Pool?

Fiberglass swimming pools in Cape Coral, FL have several advantages over conventional in-ground pools built in the traditional manner. A major advantage is the time it takes to build it, it can be completed in a matter of days rather than a matter of weeks, all it takes is the site to be cleared, a hold dug and the preformed pool dropped in the hole.

A fiberglass pool is a one-piece shell. It is similar to a modern boat hull but the size of a swimming pool. The fiberglass is laid up over a mold of the pool shape and coated with gel; this process is repeated a number of times until the wall thickness is to specification. These types of pools are available in a host of different sizes, configurations and surface décor.

There are more advantages to fiberglass swimming pools in Cape Coral, FL than just ease of installation. A fiberglass pool is virtually maintenance free, the professional services that are required to maintain a traditional pool are not needed, this helps to offset the higher cost of a fiberglass pool, it will pay for itself. The material can withstand wildly fluctuating temperatures; the pool never needs to be drained for resurfacing or relining. Even if the pool should show a hairline crack this is not a problem due to the integrity of the material.

Traditional plaster pools require constant attention to the pH level of the water; this is not the case with a fiberglass pool. As a result there is less need for chemicals which in turn require less circulation which means the pump runs less. The bottom line is; it costs less to run a fiberglass pool than a pool made in the traditional manner.


The surface of a concrete or plaster pool will adsorb algae, this makes the pool more difficult to clean. A fiberglass pool does not do this, the algae that forms on the surface of the pool is only on the surface and can be directed to the drain where it is sent through the filter. Cleaning a fiberglass swimming pool is as easy as cleaning the bathtub, a bit of cleanser will remove all the dirt and rings that are left on the surface by suntan lotion, etc.

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