Are You in Need of Dentures Gilbert AZ?

Each time you walk into a dental clinic, your dentist will talk with you about prevention. It is the single-most important thing in the dentistry profession. Even though many people will not seek dental help until problems arise, dentists are there for preventative reasons foremost. This is why they stress the importance of daily oral hygiene. Visit website for more information!

A single missing tooth can cause migration or premature wear of the other teeth, gum problems, and poor aesthetics. In addition, it can cause significant mastication and digestive disorders. To correct this, two solutions are available: Dentures Gilbert AZ or dental implants. This article will help you decide if dentures are a right fit for you.

Dental prosthesis, or prosthetic reconstruction, is a set of techniques and a means to rehabilitate teeth. The dentist will provide you with several prosthetic solutions when they notice there is damage to the teeth, possibly due to caries. Dentures and dental implants are usually advised when the risk is too high and the dentist notices that classic remedies (for example, fillings) are no longer suitable. Even though these procedures cost more, the personal effect is worth it.

There are two major groups of dentures:

The fixed dental prosthesis

1. Dental crowns: This aims to replace a single tooth bearing on its root. It may be made of metal, precious metal or ceramic.

2. Dental bridges: Aims to replace one or more missing teeth by building on the adjacent teeth.

3. Onlays: Restores the damaged portion of a tooth. They can be resin or ceramic, and are glued in place, keeping the living roots alive.

4. Facets: These are intended to restore the aesthetics of the most visible teeth. These are made of ceramic.

The removable denture

1. Partial dentures: Aims to replace several missing teeth. Its structure is made of metal (stainless that is very hard) and has hooks that attach themselves to the teeth present in the mouth. These types of Dentures Gilbert AZ can be removed and cleaned.

2. Complete dentures: Replaces all teeth. These are made of resin.

If you are interested in learning more about dentures, or to inquire about other dental procedures, contact Sossaman Dental Health and Implant Center today.

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