Are You Looking for a Local Bank in Old Saybrook, CT?

Apr 16, 13 Are You Looking for a Local Bank in Old Saybrook, CT?

In turbulent times, like what we’ve seen over the past six years, it’s common for people to get back in the habit of sticking with businesses in their local community. Here in Old Saybrook, CT, you can certainly find the services you need, including a great local bank that offers everything you need. Even though the big banks seem to have stabilized, they don’t have the legacy and dependability that a local bank in Old Saybrook has needed to stay around for a hundred years or more.

Building a Relationship with your Banker

One way to feel that you’re really being taken care of by your local bank is to build a relationship with the bankers you work with. Do you like the idea of friendly tellers and available banking professionals? Would you prefer to always meet with the same person when you have questions about banking products? If you have a relationship with your local banker, they will be able to provide all kinds of information that will be right for your particular situation. This kind of individual attention used to be the norm in all banking situations, but with today’s mega banks you just don’t get the kind of personal care that you used to.

Realistic Advice About Banking Products

Are you looking toward a home purchase and curious about how you can qualify for a mortgage? Have you been wondering whether or not it would benefit your family to open a trust? Do you need advice about investing? Would you like to take out a business loan to start up a new business here in Old Saybrook?

The truth is that not everyone should qualify for a mortgage or business loan, and not everyone will give you investment advice that is personalized. But if you work with a local bank here in Old Saybrook, you’ll find that the advice you get will be tailored to your individual situation.

A big, out-of-town bank may reject you for a loan without taking more details into account. But a local bank will take the time to hear all your arguments for why you’re a good investment, and then they will give you advice on what you can do to improve your chances of getting the loan you want. Your banker in Old Saybrook will want to give you the loan or mortgage you’re hoping for, but they will also try to protect you from an unrealistic financial mistake.

If you’re in the market for an excellent and trustworthy bank in Old Saybrook, CT, your best option is Essex Savings Bank. For over 150 years they have provided sound financial advice and products to the residents of Connecticut.


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